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Coed Rules

1. All games are either 7 innings or 50 minutes-- no inning starts after 50 minutes but if you are in the middle of an inning, then you complete the inning. 
2. Each team will field a maximum of 10 players, four of which must be women. If only three women are present, then only 9 players may take the field. (Some leagues are 7 men and 3 women, batting order in these leagues is male, male, female rotation) 
3. The batting order is male, female rotating every at bat. The batting order that is chosen at the start of the game cannot be changed during the game. If an injury occurs that player will be taken out of the lineup and everyone will move up in the order. An injured player's spot will not be considered an out. 
4. The pitcher must wear a glove when pitching. 
5. A batter is called out if he or she fails to make contact within 3 pitches. A foul ball on the last pitch is an out.
6. The pitcher shall not interfere with a ball. If the ball hits the NET it is a dead ball and the pitch is taken over on the third pitch. On the 1st and 2nd pitch it is counted as a pitch. If the pitcher deliberately interferes with the ball, the batter is out.
7. No bunting-- the batter must take a full swing.
8. At least three outfielders must be behind the outfield arc until the ball is hit. 
9. No more than 6 players may play in the infield. 
10. Each team must provide a catcher.
11. All plays at home are a force out. Runners must go to a secondary home plate while the catcher must touch the permanent home plate. The catcher cannot tag a runner. If the runner touches the wrong plate it is an automatic out. If the catcher tags the runner, the runner is safe. A commitment line is drawn half way between 3rd base and home plate and once crossed they must proceed home.
12. Any runner missing any base including home, is an appeal play by the defensive team. Once a runner leaves the playing field (dugout) they may not come back on the field.
13. A base runner may not leave the base until the ball is hit.
14. Sliding is allowed at all bases except home any player that deliberately takes out a fielder is out and may be ejected from the game.

15. Homeruns at Serra Mesa are one up rule. Teams can not be up more than one homerun. If a team is up one homerun and hits a homerun it is an out. 

** All of our Coed Leagues play with a net in front of the pitcher to avoid injury. On plays at home it is the responsibility of the pitcher to push the net down for plays at home. If a thrown ball from the out field hits the net before it is down, then the runner if he or she has passed the commitment line is out.  Baserunners on other bases return to previous base. Please remind your teams pitcher of their responsibility to push the net down on plays at home plate!!!! 

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