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Fall  2024 Leagues:
Doyle Monday Biotech 3-Pitch
Doyle Monday Coed 3-Pitch 
Doyle Tuesday Upper and Lower Division - Coed 3-Pitch 
Doyle Wednesday Coed 3-Pitch
Doyle Thursday Coed 3-Pitch 
Nobel Monday Coed Illumina
Nobel Wednesday Coed 3-Pitch
Serra Mesa Monday Coed 3-Pitch
Serra Mesa Tuesday Men's Slo Pitch (wood bat)
Serra Mesa Wednesday Coed 3-Pitch 
Serra Mesa Thursday Coed 3-Pitch 
Serra Mesa Friday Coed 3-Pitch
                                                     Kearney Mesa Wednesday Coed Slo Pitch & 3-pitch                                               
Ocean Air Monday BioTech Coed Kickball 
Ocean Air Tuesday Biotech Coed (Novice) - 3-Pitch 
Ocean Air Wednesday Biotech Coed 3-Pitch 
Ocean Air Thursday BioTech Coed 3-Pitch
Carmel Valley/ Ocean Air Thursday Men's Slo Pitch (Metal Bat) 
Hourglass Wednesday Coed 3-Pitch
Ocean Beach Monday Women's 3-Pitch
Kearney Mesa Coed Kickball on Thursday Nights 

*All leagues, teams pay umpire cash on the field: $20 per team starting Fall 2023

***Teams that forfeit are responsible for ump fees for both sides - $40 

Want to play? Get in touch!



(619) 990-0484 cell (text ok) 

(858) 752-9757 cell (text ok)

(858) 453-6208 Landline

Our Leagues Offer:

  • 14, 12 & 8 Week Regular Seasons
  •  Men Slo Pitch (Metal Bat), Mens Slo Pitch (Woodbat), Women 3-Pitch, Coed 3-Pitch, Coed Slo-Pitch, Coed Biotech 3-Pitch, Coed Kickball, Coed Biotech Kickball
  • Company Softball Leagues 
  • Company Softball Tournaments - Call for Pricing!

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